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The Gray Market Whitepaper

Introduction to the Gray Market
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Gray Market is a multichain platform providing strategies that merge TradFi and DeFi tools, to generate passive income for each holder. Gray Market provides Participating Members access to multiple investment strategies and tools. These tools include the Gray Fund and the Gray Market Algo Trading Bot. The Gray Fund​ The Gray Fund offers a unique opportunity to benefit from a diverse investment strategy that blends TradFi and DeFi. By investing in the Fund, holders can earn passive income while benefiting from professional management and risk mitigation measures. Gray Market Algo Trading Bot The Gray Market Algo Trading Bot is an AI trading bot that generates revenue for Gray Market participants, currently averaging 0.3%* per day.
This “whitepaper” or document is intended to clearly communicate and articulate the Gray Market platform to any and all prospective members, purchasers, and investors.
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Gray Market

Gray Fund

Gray Market Algo Trading Bot


A message from the Gray Market team

We are grateful for your interest in the Gray Market and welcome any questions you may have about the project or the whitepaper. For any further information or clarification, please contact the Gray Market Team on Twitter:, on Telegram, or in the Discord community: Welcome to Gray Market where you can manage and grow your wealth, generate income to fund your lifestyle and invest in a thriving future.
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